The Latest Fitness Craze: It’s All in the Hips

Women spinning plastic hoops in fitness class   (Photo:  Blend Images/Ariel Skelley  / Getty Images)

The Latest Fitness Craze: It’s All in the Hips

Both Michelle Obama and Beyoncé adore Hoopnotica.

Published April 30, 2013

What is Hoopnotica?

This latest Hollywood fitness and weight-loss craze is a favorite of many, many celebrities, including Beyonce and First Lady Michelle Obama. It tones just about every part of your body, including the core, arms, legs and butt.

Oh…and it also let’s you have the kind of fun you haven’t had since you were a kid.

Basically, Hoopnotica uses a device similar to a hula hoop to help you tone your body. People who use it regularly have seen impressive pounds lost and waistline inches reduced.

The creators of Hoopnotica say, “It is cardio and strength training because you’re using all of your core muscles. You tighten up the sides of your body and you tighten up your center or your hips or your legs.”

Hooping burns about 420 calories per hour, which is about the same as a 45-minute run.

The abdominals are the most difficult muscle groups to train, but they are also very important. The stronger the abdominals the more stable the back and overall physique.

Strong abdominals contribute to “core strength”; this is the ability of the abs and back to correctly support your spine. The only way to achieve this is with that dirty word: exercise.

The best core exercises may surprise you. It’s not enough to just do ab crunches and sit ups. To build a strong core you need to exercise a variety of muscles from your hips to your shoulders. Most people think of the core as a nice six-pack, or strong, toned abs, but the truth is that the abdominal muscles are a very small part of the core.

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(Photo:  Blend Images/Ariel Skelley� / Getty Images)

Written by Whitney Greer, BlackDoctor.Org


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