Burger King Launching Lower Calorie French Fries

(photo:burger king)

Burger King Launching Lower Calorie French Fries

These new fast food French fries will have 20 percent less calories than regular ones.

Published September 24, 2013

Burger King wants people to feel less guilty about gobbling up its French fries.

The world's No. 2 hamburger chain is launching a new crinkle-cut French fry on Tuesday that it says has 20 percent fewer calories than its regular fries.

The chain says a small order of "Satisfries" clocks in at 270 calories because of a new batter that doesn't absorb as much oil. By comparison, a small order of its regular fries, sans the crinkles, has 350 calories.

The concept of taking an indulgent food and trying to remove some of the guilt isn't new. Supermarket shelves are filled with baked Lay's potato chips, 100-calorie packs of Oreos and other less fattening versions of popular treats. But the trick is to cut calories, not flavor.

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(Photo:Burger King)

Written by Candice Choi, The Associated Press


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