Jennifer Hudson Promotes Obamacare in Scandal Parody

Jennifer Hudson Promotes Obamacare in Scandal Parody

Jennifer Hudson teams up with Funny or Die to promote Obamacare in a parody of the television show Scandal.

Published October 1, 2013

This is not your average PSA. Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson has teamed up with Funny or Die for a parody of the television show Scandal that promotes the Affordable Care Act.

In the video Hudson plays Lydia Cole, the "Scandal Manager," who goes out to help clients with their scandals that are actually health-care issues. She informs them that their problems could easily be solved under the Affordable Care Act. Enrollment in the program begins today.

She first meets with a father whose son is out of college and doesn't have any health insurance. "I thought you said that this was a scandal," Hudson said. "Under the Affordable Care Act you'll stay under your parents plan until you're 26."

Then Hudson meets with a woman who says her company's health care doesn't cover mammograms. "The ACA covers preventative care for women's health," Hudson explained.

She then helps a man who had asthma as a kid and says his health-care company wants to drop him because of pre-existing conditions. "Enrollment starts Oct. 1."

Hudson thinks she finally has a real scandal when she confronts a senator whose mistress is pregnant. But the issue is that she doesn't have health insurance. "The ACA takes about 15 minutes to sign up for and you should go to," she tells him. 

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(Photo: courtesy of funny or die)

Written by Natelege Whaley


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