Health Law to Put Calorie Info on Vending Machines

DES PLAINES, IL - JANUARY 6:  A soft drink vending machine (R) and one featuring sports drinks are shown at a health facility January 6, 2004 in Des Plaines, Illinois. The American Academy of Pediatrics this week called on schools to restrict students' access to soft drinks, a significant cause, they say, of juvenile obesity.  A growing number of communities are reducing or eliminating access to soft drinks and offering bottled water, juices and sports drinks. Revenue pulled in through vending sales helps with stretched school budgets.  (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Health Law to Put Calorie Info on Vending Machines

FDA might add food labels on vending machines.

Published December 30, 2013

Vending machines will display calorie counts for each item along with the cost under new labeling regulations required under the federal health care overhaul law.

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to release final rules early next year. It says that requiring calorie information to be displayed on roughly 5 million vending machines nationwide will help consumers make healthier choices.

As proposed, the rules would give companies with 20 or more machines a year to comply. But an industry group representing vending machine operators has suggested a two-year deadline and is urging the government to allow as much flexibility as possible.

The National Automatic Merchandising Association says complying with the law will be expensive for small companies with few employees and low profit margins.

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 (Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images) 

Written by Holly Ramer, Associated Press


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