Can You Sweat With Swagg?

(Photo: Courtesy Sweat With Swag)

Can You Sweat With Swagg?

New urban workout may be coming to a gym near you.

Published January 24, 2014

Ever been bored by your workout? Enter Sweat With Swagg Lifestyle Fitness, a high-impact, high energy set of workouts based on the latest contemporary dances. Sweat With Swagg was created in Sept 2010 on the campus of Denison University based on the need for students to avoid the “ freshmen 15” and take part in the “Teach me how to Dougie” phenomenon.

Sweat With Swagg, created by Chicago-native Cortez Hicks, is dedicated to the promotion and development of healthy living and eating habits for urban youth. He seeks to make it the premiere fitness program by using a unique combination of Hip-Hop, Reggae, House Music, and Party Slide music and dances that provides a high energy and exciting workout for its participants. There are no difficult choreographed moves to learn, and no dance experience is necessary. The only requirement is a healthy appetite…to have fun and sweat with swagg. If you have ever been interested in learning how to Cat Daddy, Dougie, Cha Cha, Turbo Hustle, Juke Slide, Jerk, Wu-Tang or other dances, Sweat with Swagg may be a good fit.

Cortez, better known by his students as “Mr. Sweat with Swagg,” is a recent graduate of Denison University. While enrolled, he researched and created various hip-hop based educational curriculums for high school students as tools for academic engagement. Using his knowledge of dance and hip-hop music helped him create the style and routines for Sweat With Swagg.

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(Photo: Courtesy Sweat With Swag)

Written by Derrick Lane, BlackDoctor.Org


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