Not Worrying About the What-Ifs: My #GetCovered Story

(Photo: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services)

Not Worrying About the What-Ifs: My #GetCovered Story

Stacy Silvain, a 19-year-old college student, shares her story of enrolling in Obamacare.

Published February 24, 2014

Imagine playing soccer, the game you’re passionate about, and getting hurt one day. What would you do with a $3,000 medical bill if you didn’t have health insurance?

That happened to me a year ago, and I’m still trying to pay off the bill.

Hi, I’m Stacy Sylvain of Miami. I’m 19 years old and never had health insurance.

You never know what can happen to you in life and you can’t control everything. Walking around without health care insurance was a horrible experience for me. I’ve been turned away from doctors because I did not have coverage.

That’s why I got covered. I checked out my options on the Health Insurance Marketplace at I learned that I would be eligible for a lowered premium and enrolled in a gold plan that fits my budget.

It’s very frustrating to hear young people say that they’re not going to sign up for health coverage. It’s something that they truly need -- they just don’t realize it yet because nothing traumatic has happened in their life.

My plan is definitely affordable for me, and I think that there are lot of options so young people like me can find options that are affordable for them as well.

I can walk around freely now. Before I was always afraid and I tried to be as cautious as I could just so I wouldn’t have to need to go to the doctor. Now that I have coverage, I can see a doctor on a regular basis.

I have a busy life. I’m a full-time student at Miami Dade College and I work part-time on the weekends. I also do volunteer work Saturday mornings and I go to church every Sunday. Volunteering and giving back is very important to me because I feel like, as a community, if we work more together and we help our youth and everyone around us, then it will just be that much better.

My dreams and my goals are just to live well and to be able to be in a place where I’m not too busy to help the people around me.

With health insurance, I feel secure and I don’t have to worry about the what-ifs or anything.

To watch Stacey’s #GetCovered Story, click here.

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(Photo: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services)

Written by Stacy Sylvain, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


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