Low-Cal Snacks Checklist

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Low-Cal Snacks Checklist

Make this your go-to list when you want a quick bite.

Published April 21, 2014


Looking for a healthy snack? Choose one from this list. Bonus: Everything is 60 calories or less!

Almost No Calories



—Celery sticks


—Green peppers




25 to 30 Calories


—1/4 cup cantaloupe

—1 medium carrot

—1 cup popcorn

—12 pretzel sticks

—1 small tangerine

—1 small tomato

—1/2 cup watermelon


35 to 40 Calories

—1/2 small banana

—3 saltine crackers

—1/2 grapefruit

—1 medium nectarine

—1 medium peach

—1/2 cup skim milk

—1/4 cup plain yogurt


50 to 60 Calories

—1 small apple

—12 cherries

—1/4 cup cottage cheese

—15 grapes

—1 small orange

—1 cup strawberries

—4 small shrimp

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(Photo: Joern Pollex/Getty Images)

Written by BlackHealthMatters.Com


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