Are You a 'Natural Hair Nazi'?

Are You a 'Natural Hair Nazi'?

Some women hate on folks' hair for no good reason.

Published July 30, 2014

In today’s climate of expert advice and expert opinion, there has been an ever increasing wealth of opinions surrounding what is and what is not acceptable for natural hair. This influx of “expert” opinion has given way to a new term bouncing around in the natural hair community, “Natural Hair Nazi.” The Natural Hair Nazi can be described in short as a know-it-all; one who has to be the authority on all things natural. If you are a newbie natural or a carefree, long-term natural, the Natural Hair Nazi will always have much to say.

If you embody this term or if you aren’t sure if you’ve encountered one of these “experts”, here is a short checklist of ways to tell where you land (all in love and fun, of course).

—You detest relaxers and weaves and consider them the natural hair devil.

—The only color allowed is what comes naturally from your gene pool or the sun.

—Your “curl friends” lack diversity. (“No New Friends, No Straight Ends” Drake Remix recorded by you is your ringtone)

—You throw shade at straight hair naturals and have great disdain for flat irons or pressing combs. (If you have an Angela Davis fro ‘sis’ raise your fist here.)

—You are a natural hair #hashtag queen! #startedfromrelaxernowimhere #teamnatural_fa_life #realliferealnatural

If one or all of these five points apply to you or someone you know, take heart. The first step to change is awareness.

What should you do with this newfound revelation? Remaining true and authentic to your natural hair journey involves a commitment to self inside and out, but be willing to connect with that natural part of you and know her so well that you become your own expert of what is right for you and your natural hair. Releasing judgment will open up an opportunity for self-love and community love for women whether they are natural or not. 

Remember, it’s not about natural hair, relaxed hair, short hair or even long hair.  It’s about HEALTHY hair.

Read more about being a natural hair Nazi at BlackDoctor.Org.

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(Photo: Granger Wootz/Blend Images/Corbis)

Written by C. Achebe, BlackDoctor.Org


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