Considering a Breast Reduction?

breast reduction

Considering a Breast Reduction?

Here are things you should know before changing your cup size.

Published November 11, 2014

Choosing to have a breast reduction is not a simple decision. There is the cost associated with the surgery, recovery time and potential risks that come with any surgical procedure. Here are seven things that other women think you should know about getting a breast reduction and lift. Keep these in mind when meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

Your drains will most likely be removed within a day or two:

After your breast reduction and lift surgery. While not painful, it does produce some discomfort. About two weeks following surgery your stitches will be removed. This can be painful, as the breast area will be very sensitive. Some women report that it feels like the nipples are being pinched very hard. Make sure you have taken pain medicine before the appointment to help reduce the discomfort.

The scabs around your nipples will itch:

But you must resist the urge to scratch. Some women have reported scratching in their sleep so consider sleeping with socks or thin cotton gloves on your hands until the stitches are removed or the itching stops.

There is no way to accurately predict the size and fit of bras:

For several weeks following your breast reduction and lift procedure. You will not be able to wear underwire bras for at least four months. For the best results, you should wear a bra around the clock for the first six months. The surgical bra they put on you post surgery is very comfortable and can be slept in. Go ahead and buy extras so you can have one clean to wear when you are washing the others.

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Written by Aria Ellise , BlackDoctor.Org


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