Take the Gallon of Water Challenge

Take the Gallon of Water Challenge

Hydration is the key to good health.

Published January 12, 2015

Need an easy, inexpensive and dare I say FUN way to drink more water? Challenge yourself to drink one gallon of water DAILY!

Maybe you’ve seen “The Water Challenge” floating around on social media. Some people do it for 30 days, others commit to only a week. One day at a time might be challenge enough for you.

Whatever you decide, commit to your daily gallon. Yes, it may seem like a lot of water to consume, but there are a lot of benefits, too.

Drinking more water:

—Helps your body absorb essential minerals and vitamins

—Releases toxins from the body
• Maintains healthy hair, skin and organs

—Flushes your system

—Regulates body temperature

Tips for Success

—Carry your gallon jug with you EVERYWHERE!

—Get other people to do the challenge with you for accountability.

—Set a drinking schedule and mark the times on your bottle.

Keep in mind, too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad. Be kind to your kidneys and sip your water throughout the day instead of guzzling in one sitting to avoid hyponatremia, also sometimes called water intoxication.

Learn more about the health benefits of drinking more water at BlackDoctor.Org.

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Written by M. Brooks, BlackDoctor.Org


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