Lenny Kravitz Never Leaves Home Without This

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz Never Leaves Home Without This

Why the rocker lives for his jump rope.

Published January 23, 2015

Smooth. Suave. Rock n’ Roll. Sexy… Just a few words that describe musician, actor and father Lenny Kravitz. The son of “The Jeffersons” actress Roxie Roker, the superstar grew up with a diverse childhood and always tried to live a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, even now, there’s one item that he doesn’t leave home without.

“To stay fit, I always carry a jump rope with me,” shares Kravitz. “And I run. I like to be outdoors doing things that you can do with your body—pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, squats. Gyms are cool, but I find them boring. I prefer to run outside in nature—it’s far more inspiring.”

“As far as nutrition goes, I have a Champion juicer with me at all times. I’ll hit the organic market or the farmer’s market and pick up some spinach, kale, carrots, beets, garlic—it really promotes great health. But I love good food, too. There’s a big, fat, greasy man inside of me. I live in Paris half the year, and I love indulging in pastries and fine foods and wine and Champagne. If I do cheat, it’s usually with something pretty outrageous. Then I get it out of my system and get back to trying to stay fit.”

One tip that Lenny shares about anyone looking to start living healthy is to ]follow your body.’ “I was vegetarian for many, many years, but I woke up one day craving meat. After, like, 15 years, I woke up and it was, like, ‘I need meat.’ So I followed my body. I did the whole grass-fed, organic, best-quality thing. Now I’m eating more vegetables and fish, especially being in the Bahamas so many months of the year. I have my own organic farm and I eat fish. Eat light. Eat four or five little meals a day, even if a couple of them are juices or shakes. I do a lot of coconut water. You’ve gotta take care of your body.”

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(Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for GQ)

Written by Gerald Payne, BlackDoctor.Org


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