Well, Well, Well: Scientists Find Potential Male Birth Control Pill

Male birth control

Well, Well, Well: Scientists Find Potential Male Birth Control Pill

Imagine if men were responsible for family planning.

Published October 3, 2015

Most sexually-active women know the burden of the once-daily birth control pill: timing, inexplicable hormonal rages, bloat. Not to mention threats by politicians and corporate bosses to take it away at a moment's notice. 

Well, now that burden could potentially be transferred to men.


Scientists have found that a drug used to prevent organ rejection in transfer patients may also help slow down the speed of the whipping tails on sperm, making it impossible for the little guys to fertilize eggs.

A second drug, used for cancer treatment, has similar effects. The infertility is temporary, with the swimmers returning to normal within one week of discontinuing the drug.

If either are approved by the FDA, the impact could be huge: imagine the affect it will have on public policy, sexual politics and so much more. For now, though, the bulk of birth control remains in the hands of women, as it has for decades. 

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Written by Evelyn Diaz


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