Gabourey Sidibe Happy and Confident With Her Weight

Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe Happy and Confident With Her Weight

She says "I have to keep going and living my life" even when things upset her.

Published October 5, 2012

Gabourey Sidibe decided long ago that she was not going to let her weight hold her back from pursuing her dreams or happiness. The Big C actress recently told the audience at the 2012 Women in Entertainment Symposium in New York that if she hadn't accepted herself or been confident with her image, she wouldn't have ever found herself in her breakthrough role in Precious.

"I didn't really get to grow up hearing that I was beautiful a lot, or that I was worth anything nor did I grow up seeing myself on TV," Sidibe said. "Then at some point when I was 21 or 22, I just decided that life wasn't worth living if I wasn't happy with myself so I just took all the steps that I could to figure out how to love myself and become confident. Truthfully speaking, if I hadn't found this person before that movie [Precious] I wouldn't have even been in that movie."

The jovial Sidibe did reveal that some things in the business touch upon her insecurities, recalling a time when she went into a CVS and spotted herself on the cover of a magazine that was trying to guess her weight. But she doesn't let moments like that bring her down. 

"I have to keep going and living my life, so when things like that upset me I have to find things that build my confidence back up.  Because I don’t want to wait for work I want to make work." always gives you the latest fashion and beauty trends, tips and news. We are committed to bringing you the best of Black lifestyle and celebrity culture. 

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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