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Anti-Obama Theorist Christopher Hudson Serves as Angus T. Jones' Spiritual Mentor

Anti-Obama Theorist Christopher Hudson Serves as Angus T. Jones' Spiritual Mentor

The advisor warns of cannibalism and says Jay-Z has ties to the devil.

Published November 27, 2012

Angus T. Jones has been fielding criticism after filming a testimonial video that called for a boycott of Two and a Half Men, the sitcom that ushered him into stardom, explained how being a born-again Seventh Day Adventist has saved him from his destructive habits and praised the teachings of Christopher Hudson. Hudson, a theorist who's serving as the 19-year-old actor's spiritual guide, has preached some outlandish views through his ForeRunner Chronicles video series on YouTube. Included in these messages are the ideas that Jay-Z has a Satanic agenda and that New York's gas crisis spurred on by Hurricane Sandy will eventually lead to a food crisis and force us into cannibalism. 

Jones says he discovered Hudson through his ForeRunner Chronicles video series, deeming them a "great" source of information, but the bizarre messages Hudson shares have left many scratching their heads. The theorist, who's been uploading his videos since 2007, not only believes that Jay-Z is a devil-worshipping Freemason, but that President Obama's healthcare plan has similarities to Adolf Hitler's policies.

"Like Hitler, Obama's Christianity is just a thin veneer to mask his espousal of the New Age agenda," he says in a video.

After Hurricane Sandy hit parts of the East coast, gas had to be rationed out and, according to Hudson, it would be only a short time before food would run out in New York and folks would be forced into cannibalism.

"If the trucks are cut off, you're going to start eating something if you don't control your appetite and your baby might start looking like a chicken wing," Hudson explained.

As for his sermon on Jay-Z's hidden agenda? In 2009, Hudson published an online documentary titled The Jay-Z Deception that called the rapper out for his ties to the devil, saying his Blueprint albums were really just celebrations as he gets closer to Satan.

"The Blueprint albums are markers in obtaining degrees in the secret organization known as the Freemasons," he says, and each of the three marks his position on that ladder. Apparently the third Blueprint album indicated that he could lead meetings for the organization.

The list of questionable theories goes on as Hudson also believes Kanye West and Rihanna are part of Jay-Z's journey to the devil and that the deaths of Osama bin Laden and Michael Jackson were both conspiracies, the latter a cover-up for Pope Benedict XVI's call for a world political authority. always gives you the latest fashion and beauty trends, tips and news. We are committed to bringing you the best of Black lifestyle and celebrity culture.  

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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