Eve Opens Up About Interracial Dating in Rolling Out Magazine

Eve, Rolling Out Magazine

Eve Opens Up About Interracial Dating in Rolling Out Magazine

The rapper admits she never thought she'd date outside her race.

Published May 30, 2013

(Photo: Rolling Out Magazine, June 2013)

Eve looks fearless on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Out. Wearing a skin tight dress and wrapped in chains and a boa constrictor, the rapper gives off the impression that there's nothing she can't handle. Inside, she talks about her career, her new album, Lip Lock, and, of course, being in an interracial relationship with U.K. racer Max Cooper.

"My perspective on men has definitely changed," she admits. "I've dated some ridiculous dudes. For women, if you are frustrated and keep attracting the same type of dude over and over again, it is not the dude, it is you. That is something I had to learn. I needed to figure out who I was and what I wanted before I attracted the guy I needed to be with."

But as madly in love as she is with Cooper — they’ve even talked marriage and children — the former Ruff Ryder says she's received backlash for dating someone who's not Black.

"I never thought I would date outside of my race," she says. "I never thought it would seriously be something that I considered because of where we come from. Interracial dating is still not as prevalent in our community. But when I met him, it was something that was so familiar. We recognize each other in a deeper way. If somebody is treating me the way I'm supposed to be treated, who cares what race he happens to be? It took a while for us to get comfortable, but when things got serious, we went for it. When we first started having pictures taken of us, I got so many negative tweets. It shocked me. I wondered where all of that hatred was coming from. It annoys me because America is a great country. But there are a lot of hypocrites. Would you rather me date someone, like my ex [Stevie J], just because he's Black? Or would you rather me be happy?"

We say happiness. Always choose happiness.

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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