Sanaa Lathan on Embracing Your Beauty and What She Loves in a Man

Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan on Embracing Your Beauty and What She Loves in a Man

Sanaa Lathan says true beauty comes from within and "we are all made perfect."

Published July 3, 2013

Sanaa Lathan recently sat down with Madame Noire during P&G's My Black Is Beautiful Beauty Box event and the actress not only talked about the importance of embracing one's beauty, but also revealed what she finds attractive in the opposite sex.

"I think beauty comes from within so it's about giving back, being kind, about looking in the mirror, and seeing what is beautiful about you because there are so many different types of beauty," Lathan says. "My whole thing is we are all made perfect. You don't have to always look to what's in the magazines or on the billboards to know what's beautiful. Beauty is within all of us and the more we focus on that and the more we take care of ourselves and think positively, I think the more that we will feel beautiful and have beautiful lives."

As for her own dating experiences, The Best Man 2 actress says she's not feeling the pressures and is enjoying her time doing whatever she wants. She emphasizes that connection is important when it comes to romance and her partner's character.

"For me it's about who you are on the inside and if we have a connection… If you looked at the people that I've dated, there's really no common denominator. I don't have a type or anything. It's really about connection for me," she says.

"I mean I prefer chocolate, but I like all flavors," she adds. "I'm open." always gives you the latest 
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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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