Wale Chats About Love and Parenthood Dreams


Wale Chats About Love and Parenthood Dreams

The rapper also opens up about emotion being taboo in hip-hop and why it's creating a negative effect in the genre.

Published July 3, 2013

Wale isn't afraid to get in touch with his sensitive side. During a chat on Nitecap With Peter Bailey, the "Lotus Flower Bomb" rapper revealed his thoughts on relationships and admits that he's still trying to figure it all out.

"I went through years at a time where I didn't even really believe in it," Wale said about love. "I thought it was all chance and chemical imbalance. It was kinda euphoria, when it's like the right time, the right place, the right shape, the right situation. When you think something is going on in your mind and in your heart but in actuality it's all lust. As I'm growing I'm still trying to figure out what love is to me. But I think it is different to everybody though. I really do think there's a different internal definition that's beyond words for everybody [and] for what love is. There's relationships where people really can feel love but they're not magnums. So, everybody's description of love might be different and I'm still trying to figure it out."

Wale also explained why showing emotion is essential in hip hop even though many artists feel they have to portray themselves as harder than they should be.

"Emotion is a taboo in hip hop. I don't know when that started. But I just feel like we are supposed to be poets and we can't sing and do all that – emotion is supposed to come through our words. So when you take that emotion away, you've got a bunch of s--t that's monotone and you're not really feeling nothing," he said. "I feel like emotion is good in hip hop. [They'll say being emotional] is like being a woman or whatever. That's how it is. […] I've come to grips with the fact that I'm kind of an emotional person. That's what makes me make songs like 'Lotus Flower Bomb' or a lot of things people fell in love with on my mixtape."

Wale also said that he's excited to become a father someday and will surely shower his children with lots of love. But that will have to wait until he's good and ready to settle because the rapper admitted that he's not done being selfish.

"[…] Because of my attitude, my greed," he said about not being able to settle down yet. "The nature of a man, I embody that. I'm a living embodiment of all the flaws, greed, the selfishness. I've got all of those things. I'm just knowledgeable enough to speak on them and I’m secure with where I am in my life. A lot of men keep it inside or are living in denial. I just live my life that way."

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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