Bill Cosby Chats With Don Lemon About Role of Black Fathers

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Chats With Don Lemon About Role of Black Fathers

The comedian-actor calls out the "no-groes" who don't like to hear about changes the Black community needs to make.

Published September 17, 2013

During a recent interview with CNN's Don Lemon, Bill Cosby took the time to discuss the important role Black fathers play, why men need to step up and why the African-American community jumps on people who dare say that improvements need to be made from within. Cosby's referring to the criticisms Lemon faced after he listed five do's and don'ts the Black community needed to follow in order to make progress.

"Now, about this time, this is when you hear the no-groes jump and say, 'Why don't you talk about good things?' Because the good things happen to be taking care of themselves pretty well. We are trying to help those geniuses, those not geniuses, people who deserve, because they are human beings on this earth, in the United States of America, we are trying to get them in a position so they will understand and want to," Cosby explained.

In addition to having Black fathers taking more responsibility in their parenting, Cosby feels that getting an education is another important factor in improving the Black community. And not just going for four-year degrees, but attempting community colleges for the sake of improving your chances for success.

"Of course we have great things happening. Graduates of the naval academy, the military academy, graduates of all kind of Morehouse, Miles and colleges like that, but by the same token we also need people to go to community college," he said. "Okay, so you backed up and you didn't do well. You quit school but now you find you need that high school credential. Go to the community colleges. Just go and sit there and understand that you're going to get an education, because that's what happened to me. At age 19 and a half, I just knew that I didn't want to do certain things and it wasn't what they were doing to me, it was what I was doing. It's a very simple thing."

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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