Cynthia Bailey Chats About Raising a Daughter and Letting Her Date

Cynthia Bailey, daughter

Cynthia Bailey Chats About Raising a Daughter and Letting Her Date

The RHOA star feels that sheltering a child could lead them to make poor decisions down the line.

Published January 6, 2014

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Mothers of boys will tell you that raising a son is a tough job while those with daughters say it's harder to raise a girl. After last week's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta in which NeNe Leakes criticized Cynthia Bailey for allowing her then 13-year-old daughter, Noelle, to date, Bailey wrote a blog post explaining why it takes more work to raise a daughter than a son.

"Kandi and I are the only women on the show with daughters, and I feel a certain connection to her because of this…I think we both agree that you have to deal with more issues when raising girls as opposed to boys. Explaining and educating a young girl about menstrual cycles and the possibility of getting pregnant is a conversation that is not necessary for a young boy. I have never been a little boy, but I have definitely been a little girl. Therefore I can relate to the things that my daughter is going through now and will go through as she gets older."

While Bailey explained that she and Noelle's boyfriend's mother chaperoned these dates and that sheltering a child could lead them to make poor choices, Leakes felt that dating at such a young age was much too soon. Still, Bailey stands by her decision and wrote that she hopes that by maintaining good communication with her daughter, Noelle will feel comfortable turning to her mother for advice.

"My mother did not have all the right answers when she was raising me, and neither do I," Bailey said. "All you can do is love your children and keep the communication open so that they feel confident coming to you for support and guidance. I am confident in my decision to allow 'parentally supervised' dating for my 14-year-old. It may not work for everyone, but it works for us. I stand firm in my decision, and will continue to do so until I feel otherwise."

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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