T.I. Answers Parenting Questions on Having Sex Talk With Children

T.I. and family

T.I. Answers Parenting Questions on Having Sex Talk With Children

The rapper also shares the dating tips he gives his daughters.

Published April 7, 2014

T.I. recently stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show to answer questions about parenting and having "the talk" with your children. The rapper, who has two sons with wife Tiny, a stepdaughter, and another two sons and a daughter through other relationships, has clearly had his fair share of sex talks with his children. When asked when is the right time to discuss the topic, T.I. said it depends on each child.

"I think it's a case-by-case basis," T.I. said. "I had to have that talk with King, probably the earliest that I have had to have that talk with any of my children. You have to see how socially advanced they are. You pay attention to conversations. You pay attention to the material that they observe. I mean, children are gonna give you some tell-tale signs."

He then went on to recount how he knew when to have the talk with his two youngest sons. With Major, the sign that it was time for a conversation about the birds and the bees came after the boy made a comment about a woman's butt at a grocery checkout line. King, who was seven or eight years old at the time, brought on the talk after asking to attend a sleepover with an 18-year-old girl.

T.I. also opened up about his daughters and the dating advice he gives them.

"I'm just really trying to effectively communicate and make sure that they know that there are guys like me. But you know, they gotta get there," T.I. said. "I know that we raised some upstanding, respectful and respectable young ladies. So I'm not worried as much for them as I am worried for the young man."

"That's another rule of mine. If you give a guy as much attention as you give me and he doesn't work as hard as I do and he doesn't provide the same type of security as I do, you are cheating me," he added.

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