50 Cent Serves as Life Coach for GQ Reporter

50 Cent

50 Cent Serves as Life Coach for GQ Reporter

Zach Baron hangs with the rapper for a month and gets lessons on style and relationships.

Published June 2, 2014

(Photo: GQ, June 2014)

Would you ever take on 50 Cent as your personal life coach? For its June 2014 issue, GQ sent reporter Zach Baron to enlist the rapper's help in improving his life for a month. With smart investments, impressive album sales and self-help books under his belt, Baron was curious to see what advice 50 Cent would have for him. His first matter of business: creating a vision board — a collection of images showcasing one's goals and dreams. He also asked Baron to have his girlfriend create a vision board as well as a joint one between the two.

"Take things out of your folder and things out of her folder to create a folder that has everything," he said. "Now the vision board is no longer your personal vision board for yourself: It's a joint board." The board will represent the goals they have in common and open a discussion over items that aren't shared by both.

"The things that end up on your vision board that aren't in hers are the things that she has to accept," 50 Cent continued. "And the things that she has that you don't are the things that you have to make a compromise with."

While the rapper's own relationship history isn't exactly perfect (his first son and ex no longer speak to him and he's currently trying to be a better father for his second with another woman), he did share some advice on love.

"I think friendship is the strongest form of relationship," 50 Cent told Baron about the writer's two-year relationship. "Don't ever forget to be friends. And you be conscious. Because there's a point that your friendship would develop that it has so much value that it would become priceless. And at that point, you should consider marriage."

Over the course of their time together, 50 continued dispensing nuggets of wisdom like the importance of dressing up for work, but was adamant about not being portrayed as someone who has it all figured out.

"I could lie to you," he said. "And instead I actually shared ideas with you that I would use myself. I like the life-coach concept — it's a cool concept. But my life's not all the way right. To be coaching someone else, all I can do is give you the things that I would use. You see what I'm saying? We all have imperfections, man. We all have things that are not right."

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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