Tracee Ellis Ross on Love: It's an Intimate Discovery of Trusting Yourself

Tracee Eliss Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross on Love: It's an Intimate Discovery of Trusting Yourself

The actress also notes that one relationship advice does not fit all.

Published July 30, 2014

(Photo: Upscale Magazine, August 2014)

Tracee Ellis Ross is currently covering the August issue of Upscale magazine and in it the actress talks about her new show, what it means to be Black, and her thoughts on love. She also opened up about the realities of getting older and working hard to maintain a body she loves.

"I'm proud of my body — I work very hard to keep my body at 41-years-old, because my booty could drop… Gravity is not a joke," she said.

Ross, who stars alongside Anthony Anderson in the new comedy series Black-ish, wondered what being Black really meant and who defines those terms. She admitted to not having answers to what constitutes "Blackness," but that it should spark discussions, something she also hopes their new show inspires.

"The beauty of the show is that it's just a family comedy, but it has another layer to it. I don't know what I necessarily want people to think or talk about after watching it, but for me, in general, with cultural identity, racial identity and feminist identity, dialogue is important. People communicating in a light and open way about issues that have a lot of depth and weight to them is a great thing."

The gorgeously coiffed actress also gave her two cents on love and relationships, saying that any advice can't apply to everyone across the board.

"Any one rule [as it pertains to romantic relationships] that people think works everywhere is just not true. In general, with everything, it's an intimate discovery of trusting yourself and allowing yourself the room to have curiosity about life and self." always gives you the latest
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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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