Jordin Sparks Shares Her Tips for Coping With Migraines

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks Shares Her Tips for Coping With Migraines

The singer says sleep deprivation, dehydration and stress trigger the pounding headaches.

Published August 11, 2014

As many sufferers of the condition will tell you, migraines are a serious pain and one that'll put you on the sidelines for a good stretch. Jordin Sparks recently chatted with to share what triggers her migraines, how she copes with the pounding headaches, and her tips for young migraine sufferers.

"My first migraine was right after I finished a show. I sing really big and loud, and that requires a lot of energy, so as I kept singing, my head just kept pounding and pounding," Sparks said. "When I got back to the dressing room, I had to just lie down and turn the lights off, and I wanted the room to be really cold because I felt warm all over. The concert went great at least — if anything, knowing that my head was hurting made me try more to make it seem like nothing was wrong — but I definitely had to lie down for 20 to 30 minutes afterwards."

For the singer, migraine triggers include not getting enough sleep or enough water as well as incessant stress, a trio that makes a constant appearance in her chosen career, especially with all her travels, performances and media appearances.

"Stress is definitely a factor. When I'm in the studio, I'm usually OK. But when I'm traveling back and forth, that's when things get really crazy. Sleep schedules get thrown off, I'm working 12- to 14-hour days, and that can really create some bad migraines," she said.

She also listed floral perfume as a scent that'll bring on a migraine. Once she detects an onset coming in, she'll stop and try to remedy the issue as quickly as possible resorting to some of her tried-and-true techniques.

"First, I try to figure out what it stems from.... I try and drink more water, I try and get more sleep, and if the light is too bright I will definitely try and turn those down," Sparks said. "I definitely carry Excedrin Migraine with me everywhere — it's best when I need the migraine to stop. If I'm stressed, I try to talk to people who can calm me down and make me happy, or I cuddle with my dog, take some deep breaths. Yoga really helps me a lot; I'm going to a class tonight actually to just kind of be out of the world for a second."

For young migraine sufferers, Sparks also suggests learning what your triggers are so you can learn to control the severe headaches or try to keep them from occurring.

"I think the biggest thing I would tell anybody if they think they are suffering from migraines is: Find out your triggers. Because when I found out, it was a lot easier," she said. "Now I'm like, 'Oh, I need some more water, I'm dehydrated' or 'I haven't gotten enough sleep, that's why I'm probably feeling this way.' It helps me prevent it from happening. And of course there are going to be those migraines that you can't really control and they just pop up. But knowing my triggers has been a big help, and I think that if more people knew about theirs, they could have fewer migraines."

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