Lil Mo Shares Advice on Love and Marriage

Lil Mo

Lil Mo Shares Advice on Love and Marriage

The singer says she'll keep trying to find true love no matter how many attempts it takes.

Published October 22, 2014

Lil Mo already has a couple marriages and divorces under her belt, which either makes her highly qualified to talk about her experience in the matter or makes you question if she even knows what she's doing with her love life. Either way, when GlobalGrindTV asked the singer for any advice she'd share with single women, Lil Mo took the opportunity and ran with it. Turns out she hasn't been scared off love and marriage just yet.

"Just don't be afraid of it. Stuff happens. People grow apart. Sometimes people grow apart after 40 years. I'm glad mine were six years a piece. And I got over it. I kept it moving. I never became a victim of becoming the single, angry, Black woman that they think we all are," Lil Mo said. "No, I never gave up on love. I've seen my parents be together and married for close to 40 years. It can work. Even though she's only been with my father, that's her only marriage. I wished that I could have had that for myself, but it didn't work out like that," Lil Mo said. "So as many times as it'll take for me to actually find a true love, so be it."

Lil Mo also admitted to the mistakes she made in her previous relationships, sticking around out of stubbornness and not paying attention to what she was really feeling in her heart.

"One of the mistakes I made was I was looking for it. I didn't let it find me. And I had to find it within myself first. I know that sounds cliché, 'Oh, you gotta love yourself first.' I do love myself, but I think I was loving my situation more than myself, [like] 'I gotta make it work because I know what it looks like.' But I wasn't happy,” she continued. 

"And it was so many things that were going on and I was like, 'This ain't right.' And because of the church side of me, I always wanted to do everything — 'It's better to marry than to burn.' It's better to this and I don't want this person to be sat down in church because I don't want us to be living in sin and adultery and fornication. All the stuff that I learned growing up. And it's not even about that. Because I was married and it was still a mess. And the reason for me getting married, it was just all wrong."

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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