Anthony Hamilton Opens Up About Self-Love and Fighting Temptation in Music Industry

Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton Opens Up About Self-Love and Fighting Temptation in Music Industry

The R&B singer said being a Christian man has helped him focus.

Published November 14, 2014

Anthony Hamilton is back, and this time he’s treating us to a gift for the upcoming season with his latest album, Home for the Holidays. The R&B crooner recently sat down with to chat about his new album, family life, his most memorable childhood gift, and how he fights off temptation in the business.

"The most important thing is to try and be as Christian as you can. I was brought up Christian and there's a lot of things that go into being a Christian and being loyal, being faithful, making sure you please God," Hamilton said about not going astray when it comes to groupies and the sex-driven music industry. "Most of the times those are the things that keep me focused on doing right. And not wanting to hurt anybody."

"But it's not easy. It's not an easy task when everything is thrown at you. You have to be strong and you have to continue to be strong. You can't let up because things are still coming at you," he added.

The father of six sons, who said he's not trying to have any more children just to add a daughter to the family, recalled receiving his first bike when he was nine years old and how much that meant to him. He also remembers the hard times his family went through to make ends meet and how he and his sister had to look out for themselves.

"We had to fend for ourselves and make stuff happen, but I learned a lot. I learned how to pray deeper, I learned how to hear, and I just learned how to be OK with just me. So now I have moments, I'm a loner, and I'm OK with it," he said. "You learn to love yourself enough and then you don't have to worry about anything else mattering. If someone wants to love you then that's fine, but I know what it feels like. At least I had that example before everything fell apart. But it all turned around. Everybody [is] all one big, happy family now."

To watch his entire interview, click here.

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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