Sherri Shepherd Shares Lessons Learned From Divorce

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd Shares Lessons Learned From Divorce

The actress opens up about the single life and raising a special needs son.

Published November 17, 2014

Sherri Shepherd hasn't had the best luck when it comes to marriages as the former co-host of The View has two divorces under her belt, including a very public one with her last husband, Lamar Sally. In a recent interview with Uptown Magazine, Shepherd opened up about the lessons she's learned from divorce, the best advice she's received, and how she's handling being a single woman once again.

"I wonder, 'Oh Lord, where do I start? How did I get back to this place?'" Shepherd said about her relationship status. "Now I'm back at all the singles ministries in church. When I got married, I got to sit in church and enjoy all the sermons. Now, [I'm] ushering and teaching Sunday school. Now I'm expected to do cleanup because all the married folks figure I have nothing better to do."

Shepherd, who's enjoyed recent success on Broadway's Cinderella and has a recurring role on TV Land's Soul Man, hasn't let her marriage missteps take her down. She's planning on taking some time to heal and learned not to make decisions based on fear. Another tip: "Make sure that the pre-nup is airtight, baby!"

As for the hardest lesson she's learned, Shepherd said she no longer feels like she has to bear the "weight of the world on my shoulders."

"I can't take the weight of Christians, African-Americans and of women," Shepherd said. "Being on The View, I would frequently have people who vehemently disagreed with my stance and would take to social media and fire vicious rants at me. I had to learn that I only have to please an audience of one: God."

Another major influence in her life is her special-needs son, whom she said has made her "more compassionate, more patient. I put him on a track team this year to work on his socialization skills. Jeffrey found me in the sea of parents and screamed, 'Mommy, I'm scared but I'm going to be brave.' Through tears I saw my baby run. He finished last, but he held his fingers up in the victory sign. He taught me that if I fall, as long as I get back up and finish, I am a winner."

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