Father's Day Tribute: Coby Bell

Coby Bell

Father's Day Tribute: Coby Bell

The Game actor talks about his favorite thing to do on his day.

Published June 12, 2014

Actor Coby Bell, from the hit BET Networks series The Game, recently sat down to talk about his favorite things to do on Father’s Day and what it means to him to be a dad.

Bell, the father of two sets of twins, says, “Being a dad is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Growing up in Southern California, Bell recalls some of the best advice he received from his dad, saying, “My dad was always big on believing in yourself. He’d always say if you don’t believe in yourself other people aren’t going to believe in you. If you really want something, the chances of it happening are much greater if you believe it’s going to happen.”

When it comes to celebrating Father’s Day, Bell jokes, “Like most people, I associate Father’s Day with Ping-Pong.”

While most people probably don’t associate Father’s Day with table tennis, Bell and some of his  fellow ‘dad friends’ gather together every Father’s Day for a family-friendly table-tennis tournament party. Bell shares, “All the dads compete and the kids cheer, and it’s just a lot of fun.”

“Being a dad has changed me,” Bell explains. “Everything I do, I do for them. I’m very lucky I get to do what I love doing and still provide for my family.”

(Photographer: Sabrina Thompson)

Written by BET-Staff


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