Father's Day Tribute: Eddie Hill

Eddie Hill

Father's Day Tribute: Eddie Hill

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at BET Networks Eddie Hill thinks that Father's Day is as much for mothers as it is for fathers. He recalls the relationship between his mother and father and how he treats his wife and children the same way his father treated his wife and children.

Published June 15, 2014

Being a dad gives Eddie Hill, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at BET Networks, a huge sense of pride.

A proud father of two girls, Eddie teases that he and his wife had the same baby twice, noting that it’s extremely difficult to tell them apart in pictures from the same time period.

On fatherhood, Eddie says, “My children have taught me that I’m a lot sillier than I let myself be and they really taught me just to tap into my imagination more; we do a lot of pretending.”

For Eddie, Father’s Day means a lot less than Mother’s Day. Eddie fondly recalls a memory of his dad buying a bike for his mom on Father’s Day. Eddie recalls, “I remember my dad bought my mother a bike on Father’s Day. So I think from really early on I kind of thought about it being a day for the women in your life.”

However, that doesn’t mean Eddie thinks dads should go without recognition. Eddie proudly recognizes his father as a great dad and incredibly hard working guy. Growing up, Eddie shares that his father held two jobs and had his own business, which meant Eddie spent a lot of time working with him as little kid.

“Instead of doing sports, I was with him on his truck doing electrical, plumbing and heating throughout New York City. I started at age six,” Eddie says.

All that work has certainly paid off, especially when things break in the Hill Household. “Today, it’s great when things break in our house; I don’t call anybody. My wife proudly says, ‘My man can fix stuff!’”

(Photographer: Sabrina Thompson)

Written by BET-Staff


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