Father's Day Tribute: Hosea Chanchez

Hosea Chanchez

Father's Day Tribute: Hosea Chanchez

The Game actor reveals the type of dad he'd like to be.

Published June 10, 2014

BET Networks recently sat down with actor Hosea Chanchez from the hit sitcom The Game to discuss what Father’s Day means to him and the idea of one day being a father.

When Chanchez was still very young, his father decided to move to Georgia, leaving Chanchez in Alabama to be raised by his grandfather and grandmother.

He shares, “My grandfather was absolutely the patriarch of our family. He was the king of the castle, the king of the jungle and in my heart he is and always will be my father.”

Not yet a father, Chanchez does see himself as a dad one day in the future. He says, “I believe the best and greatest thing you could ever do in this lifetime is create a life. The second greatest thing you can do in this lifetime is impact a life.”

When asked what type of dad he’ll be, Chanchez says, “Not fun, but I’ll be a good dad. I’d rather be a good dad than be the dad you can hang out with. Even if you don’t get it until you’re grown. You’ll get it one day. That’s what’s most important. That’s the type of dad I would be.”

Chanchez continues to live by and cherish the words of wisdom his grandfather shared with him every time he left the house. Chanchez fondly recalls him saying, “Do right and right will follow you.”

As a child, Chanchez didn’t quite understand what his grandfather meant by the saying. He says, “I didn’t really understand until I became a man. I got it later in life and it just means if you do the right thing, the right thing will always come back to you.”

(Photographer: Sabrina Thompson)

Written by BET-Staff


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