Erica Mena Chats About Bisexuality and Fiancé Shad Moss

Shad Moss and Erica Mena

Erica Mena Chats About Bisexuality and Fiancé Shad Moss

The reality TV star says her fiancé was able to tame her.

Published February 3, 2015

Erica Mena and Shad Moss are head-over-heels in love, but the public seems to still be watching these two with an air of suspicion. The couple’s story began when the two shared a kiss during the Love & Hip Hop New York star’s visit to 106 & Park, but unfortunately they were each involved with other people at the time. Now, Mena is sharing the details behind her whirlwind romance, her bisexuality and more as Rolling Out’s latest cover girl.

“People have misconceptions about everyone I’ve dated. Last year, it’s like ‘oh, all of sudden, she’s gay.’ No, I’ve been bisexual. In the past, I’ve been very open and affectionate towards females. It’s definitely no secret. At that point, I was dating a woman and brought her on the show,” she said.

Mena was dating Cyn Santana when she and Moss connected, and she felt that he complimented her better than her current partner.

“When that whole 106 & Park kiss happened, we were both seeing other people and that kiss put us in the doghouse,” she explained. “So we were kind of confiding in each other. I realized that he is a man who really knows me and I’ve never had someone to fully accept me for who I am, flaws and all. I think it just happened naturally with us. We were at that point of really wanting to settle down, but the people that we were with at the time just weren’t fitting us. So it just happened and I discovered that this was the person that I was really supposed to be with.”

As for what she finds attractive in her fiancé, Mena says he knows how to be a man while still making her feel like she can submit to him. In other words, she finally found the one who was able to tame her crazy, and if you’ve ever seen her antics, that’s no small feat.

“Being with Bow [Wow], he’s so dominating and that just turns me on because I’m usually the dominating one,” she said. “I’m a Scorpio, so I call the shots. It’s different to have someone that you can finally be submissive to. So dealing with a woman like me, it’s kind of like, ‘can she be tamed?’ It’s all a matter of, are you man enough to tame the woman? And there’s a way to be assertive, but still give that embraceable nature that makes a woman kind of be submissive to you, that’s very powerful. But in order for a man to feel like a man, a woman has to give him the most respect. But in order for the woman to give you that respect, you kind of have to demand it and make her embrace you for what you are doing to her for her to respect you. So it’s a catch-22. I think men are scared of being men these days.”

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