Mo’Nique Opens Up About Her Open Marriage

Mo’Nique Opens Up About Her Open Marriage

Mo’Nique Opens Up About Her Open Marriage

The actress also says she's praying to restore relationship with her son.

Published March 19, 2015

In an upcoming TV One special with Mo’Nique, the actress shares her struggles with fame and the price she’s had to pay in her relationships.

“This is my third marriage. [With] the first two marriages, I was chasing [fame] and really didn’t understand what it is to be a wife,” she said.

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But even in her third marriage, with Sidney Hicks, the lure of the chase was too tempting, and the couple pursued an open marriage for some years. In 2013, she revealed that she and Hicks were no longer in an open relationship and that no one could compare to what she has at home. Unfortunately, she paid for her earlier decisions through her relationship with her son, Shalon Jackson.

“Now that my son is 25, we have a very strained relationship because during that time when he was a little boy I was out chasing, so my prayer was ‘Please give me another chance,’” Mo’Nique said.

To hear what Mo’Nique has to share about her life in the limelight, catch her TV One special when it airs Sunday, March 22, at 10 p.m. ET. always gives you the latest fashion and beauty trends, tips and news. We are committed to bringing you the best of Black lifestyle and celebrity culture.

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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