Erica Campbell Launches 'More Than Pretty' Empowerment Campaign

Erica Campbell Launches 'More Than Pretty' Empowerment Campaign

She aims to start dialogue about sex in the church community.

Published June 2, 2015

Openly talking about sexuality within the church community is still very much taboo, but Erica Campbell is hoping to change all that. The singer has launched the More Than Pretty movement to start a dialogue about what sexuality can mean. In a recent interview with C Nikky, the singer shared her own story about growing up within the church and trying to find her way as a woman.


“More Than Pretty was created to start a dialog about Christianity and sexuality. A lot of things, we don’t address in the church,” Campbell said. “Growing up in church I was taught, don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it. [They gave the scripture] touch not, taste not, handle not. But the moment you get married, you’re supposed to understand everything. But where do I get this information from? I’m sure the old school people are like, ‘Oh girl, you’ll figure it out.’ But what people figure out is intercourse, not interconnection. They figure out sex, but not the intimacy or the heart-to-heart tie that you’re supposed to have.”

According to the More Than Pretty Eventbrite page, the female empowerment initiative will be “an intimate conversation about Christianity, sexuality, friendships and relationships from a godly perspective.” Campbell as well as various leaders will share their experiences and answer any questions attendees have. In her interview, Campbell revealed that she wasn’t a virgin when she got married, but wishes she had waited before having sex. She also hopes to address our obsession with using social media for validation.

“Everything is based on likes. And depending on how many ‘likes’ I get will determine how much I like myself,” she said. “We’re obsessed with going [through the phone] ‘Oh how many? Oh, I only got this many [likes] on this picture. Oh, she got a lot when she posted her behind, maybe I’ll post mine. Oh, she gets a lot when she posts her [breasts], maybe I’ll post mine.’ We’re so torn and caught up in this circle and we’re not getting anywhere! So, I want to talk about it. I want to be real honest and candid and talk about it.”

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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