Coco Pens Blog About 'Ultimate Moment' of Her Pregnancy Journey

Coco and Ice-T

Coco Pens Blog About 'Ultimate Moment' of Her Pregnancy Journey

The reality TV star gives soon-to-be moms a little advice.

Published September 29, 2015

Coco is taking us through her pregnancy journey with her blog on E! News and in her first post, the reality TV star gives some advice to other women eagerly awaiting the arrival of their little one. Coco is currently seven months pregnant with her first child with husband Ice-T. The couple is expecting a little girl around mid-December who will be named — what else? — Chanel!


While fans are currently up in arms about an Instagram photo Coco shared recently in which her baby bump is practically non-existent at 28 weeks, Coco instead focused her post on the importance of bringing the father along for the ultrasounds.

“For girls just getting pregnant, I think your boyfriend or husband should go to an ultrasound because that's one moment where you can see what's actually going on inside the body. That's like the ultimate point,” she wrote in her blog post. “They don't know what the hell is going on inside you, but just to watch that together is a very important moment and I'm so glad that Ice got to do that.”

Ice-T already has two children of his own, but this will be the first time the couple, who married in 2002, will experience this joyful milestone together. Coco also addressed the backlash she received after her Watch What Happens Live appearance, where she said she likes to take care of her man and be his “slave.”

“I meant it like a fun, cute way. Look, some women are into that. I was commenting on the old-fashion kind of woman. I like the fact that I cater to my man,” she wrote. “There should be nothing wrong with that. When he comes home and I want to cook him a meal, what's wrong with that?

“Of course I have my own career and things going on but that has nothing to do with our relationship,” she added. “I think women just need to simmer down."

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