Stand Out Like Nas With Bevel’s New Trimmer for Coarse and Curly Hair

Nas Bevel Trimmer

Stand Out Like Nas With Bevel’s New Trimmer for Coarse and Curly Hair

Walker & Company introduces latest product with help of rap veteran.

Published January 11, 2016

Walker & Company Brands changed the grooming game in 2014 after releasing the Bevel shaving system, designed to solve a problem many people of color have: razor bumps. And for years, the mainstream cosmetic industry has ignored this annoying, irritating and persistent condition that gets in the way of keeping that beautiful brown skin smooth.  

Since then, founder Tristan Walker has been able to turn barbers and consumers into believers, receiving many life-changing testimonials, from single moms who were able to teach their sons how to shave for the first time to “men in the army who are happy to have a solution to shaving without worrying about razor bumps because they have to shave every day,” Walker told It was also winner of the 2015 GQ Grooming Award.


Now Walker is introducing the Bevel trimmer, which will keep your hairline sharp and extend your feelings of invincibility post-haircut. Walker said the new product will help eliminate many barbers’ need to carry several trimmers in their kit. It’s also a life-changer for the professional who has to keep a clean look in the workplace.

“You go to the barber shop every Saturday. But you still have to maintain Monday through Friday," Walker said.

The silver device with “soft-touch grip” retails for $179.95 and promises to be an upgrade from the average trimmer on the market by solving several key issues.

“We set out to develop what we believe is the most advanced trimmer on the planet," said Walker.

Some of its main features include snap on and snap off blades to make quick changes without using any other tools. Also, the “Bevel dial” allows you to create a tighter gap alignment without having to deal with screws and screwdrivers. While cordless, the trimmer’s battery power lasts for four hours and 60 days on standby. It’s also a big win hygiene-wise as its blade “repels oil, water, dirt and other impurities."

If you’re into manscaping, the trimmer can also refresh your situation as well. “If you want to shave, you can kind of cut your hair with clippers. But this primarily focuses on folks who want to trim or line…wherever you choose to,” Walker explained.

Walker & Company Brands continues to build on top of their success of creating health and beauty products for people of color after recently raising $24 million dollars in Series B funding. Their razor and shaving system will also be available on Target shelves in February.

Nas, a fellow Queens, New York native and one of the investors in Walker’s company, is the brand ambassador.

“When Tristan first showed the trimmer to me and my barber, we knew it was a game-changer because it has what barbers and consumers want," said Nas.

The veteran emcee is featured in their latest promo checking his tight hairline in the mirror and brushing off his fresh cut after stepping out of his barber’s chair.  

“We believe in shaping a new legacy,” is one of the many catchy manifestos Nas delivers in the video.

Next, look out for a line focused on the needs of women coming soon, Walker says.

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Written by Natelege Whaley


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