Eminem Censors Lyrics To Avoid Anti-Gay Protest

Eminem Censors Lyrics To Avoid Anti-Gay Protest

Published December 28, 2009

Usually not one to bite his tongue, Eminem has agreed to censor his lyrics in order to avoid anti-gay protests in the UK.

Word is promoters for the 2010 Wireless Festival were concerned that gay rights groups like OutRage! may protest the concert due to Slim being on the bill.

According to the Evening Standard, OutRage! said they won’t picket the concert if Slim doesn’t perform lyrics that inspire hatred against gay people. Per Wireless spokesman, David Allison, Em agreed to the censorship after being guaranteed that there won’t be any protest.

OutRage! has lead boycotts against dance hall artists Beanie Man and Buju Banton in the past. The protests lead to their UK tours being shut down for their use of homophobic lyrics. Em’s lyrics have angered gay rights groups in the past. He responded by performing “Stan” with Elton John at the 2001 Grammy Awards.

The 2010 Wireless Festival featuring Eminem is scheduled to take place at London’s Hyde Park this coming July.




Written by Carl Chery, BET.com Staff


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