Alfamega Daughter Stabbed At T.I.'s Nightclub

Alfamega Daughter Stabbed At T.I.'s Nightclub

Published January 5, 2010

On Christmas eve, Alfamega’s children were involved in a brutal attack at T.I.’s Club Crucial Nightclub.

First, Mega’s daughter was stabbed three times, puncturing one of her lungs. During the altercation, Alfamega’s son came to her aid, but had his jaw fractured in the process.

Mega (born Cedric Zellars), confronted the co-owner of Club Crucial, who happens to be T.I.’s uncle about the altercation. But according to Uncle Derrick, he had no knowledge of the incident. "I had a talk with Tip's uncle Derrick, who co-owns Club Crucial," Mega told "I was like, ‘my daughter got stabbed up there dog and my son got his jaw fractured.' He was like, 'huh? I didn't know that.'”

"They didn't know, the people they got into it with didn't know they were my children," he continued. "I was told that my children wasn't in the wrong. I straight up told the dudes there wouldn't be any street retaliation behind it...and I don't want no street retaliation of violence. It's a new year. And all in a nutshell they didn't know. I would look at it different if they knew they was my children. And I don't wish that upon nobody's children.”

Both children have since been released from the hospital and are recovering currently under the care of their father.

Written by Nile Ivey, Staff


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