Chris Brown Says VIBE Exploited His Controversy

Chris Brown Says VIBE Exploited His Controversy

Published January 7, 2010

Chris Brown feels exploited. Though his VIBE Magazine cover was a huge success, the Virginia native feels the publication exploited his domestic dispute with Rihanna.

On the cover, Chris is sporting a black short-sleeve t-shirt that reads, “R U Still Down?” According to Chris, the cover wasn’t supposed to have any text on it, which led him to believe the publication exploited his situation. “I think with the actual VIBE cover, it was never supposed to be talked about like the cover they made," he recently told Honey Magazine. "That wasn’t what we discussed— the shirt is actually just a plain black shirt and they stamped ‘R U Still Down’ on it.”

Chris revealed that he was sold on a different vision for the cover when he first met with the magazine. “It was never supposed to be ‘Everybody Hates Chris, Everybody Loves Drake‘ like, the type of thing like that," explained Chris. “I kinda felt a certain way when they did it like that and they kinda told me one thing and they got it in writing, one thing, but then they did it another way. I appreciate any cover, I just don’t appreciate them using my situation.”


Written by Nile Ivey, Staff


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