Rihanna Lends Helping Hand To Leukeima Patient

Rihanna Lends Helping Hand To Leukeima Patient

Published January 12, 2010

After discovering Yale Law School graduate Seun Adebiyi will be prohibited from competing in the 2014 Winter Games due to leukemia, pop princess Rihanna is stepping up to help find a bone marrow donor for the Nigerian-born athlete.

Adebiyi, who was hoping to participate in skeleton sledding at the Winter Games, was diagnosed with leukemia during training earlier this year. When Rihanna heard about the revelation, she quickly sprung into action.

Rihanna said in a statement, “Leukemia interrupted Seun’s dream of being the first Nigerian in the Winter Olympics, but together we can help him make his dream come true.”



Written by Nile Ivey, BET.com Staff


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