Lloyd Banks Detained By Canadian Immigration

Lloyd Banks Detained By Canadian Immigration

Published January 13, 2010

After being released on bail on Tuesday (Jan. 12), Lloyd Banks and an associate are being detained by Canadian immigration.

According to MTV News, Olaf Heinzel, a spokesperson for the Kitchener (Ontario) police, said that Banks and Nicklas Sloane were held for unspecified immigration issues. While the reasons were not available at press time, a review is scheduled for later this week.

Four men in total were arrested on Saturday (Jan.  9) at a hotel in Kitchener when Banks and his associates assaulted and robbed a local concert promoter in a money dispute over a performance and appearance fee.

Banks' lawyer, Patrick Ducharme, told MTV News about what the next move is for the G-Unit rapper and his associates.

"The case probable will proceed on the basis that it will be put over for three to four weeks for me to receive what is called the 'prosecutors disclosure,'” Duchame explained. “That's all the information that supposedly supports the charges."

Word is that Banks' lawyer will enter a not-guilty plea on his client's behalf in approximately a month. Afterwards the disclosure will be reviewed, a date will be set for the trial, and then the case will proceed through to the courts.

The trial, if it doesn't go to the higher courts, could take as long as a year and a half before heading to court.

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Written by Derrick Johnson


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