Michael Jackson Memorial Nominated for Image Award

Michael Jackson Memorial Nominated for Image Award

Published January 13, 2010

A variety show in its definition is one in which participants deliver monologues; skits and comedy sketches are featured; and musical performances are anticipated by awaiting audiences. So what could the NAACP be thinking with their latest headlining move?

The NAACP's national president, Ben Jealous, has allowed the organization to nominate Michael Jackson's televised memorial for an Image Award, as a variety show, according to HelloBeautiful.com.

The former head of the Beverly Hills NAACP branch, Billie J. Green, wasn't all that happy about the nomination. He wrote a letter addressed to Jealous and NAACP putting them both on blast for allowing such an event to be marginalized.

"Even though entertainers did perform, it was still a memorial service/funeral to honor this young man,” Green wrote. "The NAACP's Image Awards were created to honor people who portrayed positive images of African-Americans in the entertainment industry. This show has always been a legitimate awards presentation. Unfortunately, this recent nomination of Michael Jackson's memorial service/funeral has resulted in the ridicule of the Image Awards as a legitimate awards show. This nomination is an embarrassment to the past and present members of the NAACP and the African-American community as a whole. As someone who has worked closely with the NAACP to create jobs and positive images in the entertainment industry, I am truly ashamed of this recent nomination."

At press time, the NAACP has yet to comment on the nomination.

Written by Derrick Johnson


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