Alfamega to Address Being DEA Informant and T.I. in Tell-All Book

Alfamega to Address Being DEA Informant and T.I. in Tell-All Book

Published January 15, 2010

The Alfamega/T.I. issue was thought to be over and done with, but the former Grand Hustle associate recently announced he’ll be releasing a tell-all book about his time with his ex-boss T.I. and his publicized DEA scandal last year.

"I've been writing my book though, that's all I been doing," he revealed in an interview with "It's about my life, everything that happened, giving it real, the whole scenario of what went down with the court stuff, the guy [drug dealer Ali Baager], me and Tip, and everything. [I've written to] about the sixth chapter."

Titled “Displaced Loyalty and Revenge,” Alfamega addresses all hot button topics, and with the inclusion of his song, "Round One," being a direct diss towards T.I., things are looking hot in the new year. "The song was recorded when I was with Grand Hustle," Alfa explained. "My mixture was already recorded before."

On the song, Mega also alludes to the feud between former partner Jay-Z and Damon Dash. "Get your money up, let it pile up," Alfa raps on the track. "Every other song, I'ma switch the style up… Drop your a** like Jay did Dame Dash's/Let me cool down before I blow a head gasket/Slappin' this b*tch put a n***a in a casket/One phone call do a n***a tragic/Make your wife a widow and your son a little bastard.”

Last May, T.I. severed ties with Alfamega, when documents leaked online which suggested that Mega was a DEA informant. In related news, Mega’s daughter was stabbed at Tip’s Club Crucial Nightclub on Christmas Eve.

As of press time there has been no word from T.I. or Grand Hustle concerning this matter.

Written by Derrick Johnson


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