Michael Jackson Estate Denies Joe Jackson Allowance

Michael Jackson Estate Denies Joe Jackson Allowance

Posted: 01/22/2010 02:28 PM EST

The turmoil around Michael Jackson’s estate continues, as it does not want to pay his father Joe an allowance.

According to legal documents filed by the estate’s lawyers, the late King of Pop did not want his father to be a beneficiary under his will, and Joe was never legally dependent on Michael Jackson during his life.

Lawyers claim that Joe wants to use the money for “lavish expenses” and not maintenance as Joe has stated, which include vacations, air travel, hotels, assistants and legal fees. Joe also says that the allowance will include monies that will allow him to “support his children or grandchildren.”

This is another in a long list of issues in regards to Michael Jackson’s estate. Earlier this month, it was reported that a small investment banking firm in Baltimore, MD, filed a claim in the Los Angeles Superior court for “financial services related to music publishing assets.” They claim that the late King of Pop’s estate owes $328,299.03 in unpaid fees. To date, the growing list of creditors’ claims against Jackson’s estate is expected to exceed $20 million.