Lil Wayne to Report to Jail

Lil Wayne to Report to Jail

Published February 9, 2010

Time's up. Lil Wayne is set to be sentenced to prison in New York tomorrow morning (Feb. 9). Following the court hearing, Weezy is expected to turn himself in and begin serving a one-year sentence in Riker's Island.

As previously reported, Wayne (born Dwayne Carter) reached a plea deal with Manhattan prosecutors on gun charges stemming from a 2007 arrest in NYC.

Wayne's schedule has been quite hectic in the weeks leading to his jail sentence. In addition to shooting several videos for his "Rebirth" album, he took the stage alongside Eminem and Drake at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

This past weekend, he cheered on as the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl and hosted a farewell party at Dolce Ultralounge last night (Feb. 7).

"The vibe of the farewell party, it was nice," Mack Maine, Wayne's co-manager, told "Everybody had a great time. The only sad moment came towards the end, a few people said their goodbyes and I saw it in his face, that it bothered him then. That was the first time I really saw it get to him, but he bounced right back."

According to Mack, Wayne will be spending his last hours of freedom with family. "I still ain't say my goodbye," he revealed. "I'm going with him to New York. I'm trying to pull up to the jail with him. They gon have to tell me my last step I can take."


Written by Carl Chery, staff


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