Rick Ross Deads Beef With Floyd Mayweather

Rick Ross Deads Beef With Floyd Mayweather

Published February 11, 2010

Rick Ross is a true boss. Despite his near fight with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, Miami’s Teflon Don decided to dead the ongoing rift with Floyd Mayweather.

The two recently bumped into each other again in Las Vegas. This time, they kept things peaceful and discussed their issues like grown men. “Yeah, I bumped into Floyd Mayweather," Ross told MTV. "We chopped it up like G's and after a discussion, we shook hands.”

With a new year underway, Ross’ time will be spent focusing on his new album/movie “The Teflon Don” and of course adding more zeros to his bank account. "So that's squashed,” Ross clarified. “It's a new year, it's time to get new money. Y'all know what it is. I kept it 1,000."

Written by Nile Ivey, BET.com Staff


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