Birdman Calls Out R. Kelly

Birdman Calls Out R. Kelly

Published February 12, 2010

Cash Money Records co-founder Brian “Baby” Williams recently spoke on R&B singer R. Kelly, claiming that he took a financial loss working with him.

Speaking to Ozone Magazine, Birdman spoke on his desire to sign a country music act to the label, when his attention suddenly diverted towards R. Kelly.

“Country is where the other money at,” Baby said in the interview. “I just ain't found me a Country act yet, but as soon as I do, it's on. We've already had some Country records; my son [Lil Wayne] rapped with Kid Rock… and it blew up, so I'm just waiting to find the right Country act to sign so my son can do a song with him and blow him up... Probably the worst investment I did was [dealing] with R. Kelly. That was a waste of my time. I could've made money if I wasn't [dealing] with [him].”

Baby had previously collaborated with Kelly as a member of the Big Tymers with then-Cash Money artist Mannie Fresh on the song “Gangsta Girl,” from their 2003 album "Big Money Heavyweight." In 2003, Williams and Kelly were to begin work on the sequel to "The Best Of Both Worlds," originally a Jay-Z and R. Kelly album. The project was in response to Jay distancing himself from Kells shorly after his child pornography scandal. The two would reunite, however, in 2004’s "Unfinished Business" album.

Written by Meka Udoh


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