Lil Wayne to Shoot 20 to 30 Videos Before Going to Jail

Lil Wayne to Shoot 20 to 30 Videos Before Going to Jail

Published February 18, 2010

With Lil Wayne’s imminent yearlong prison sentence looming, the rapper has been on a tear, recording music and shooting music videos at a rapid pace. Sitting down with England’s premier radio personality Tim Westwood, Brian “Birdman” Williams spoke on Wayne.

 “He’s shooting ‘Da Da Da,’ ‘Ghetto Life’ and two Carter IV videos,” B said. “We [are] shooting two Father Son videos – Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Mack Maine, everybody. We [are] shooting like 20, 30 videos just to have in the can for while he's gone.

“[When Wayne goes,] it’s a sad day for hip-hop, period,” he continued. “But we won't lose anything, you know, it’s personal as far as us, to a fan, it’s just something else. But it’s a family situation for us but we’re ready for it, built for it and we just gonna rock and roll until my son gets home. This is what we do, music is our hustle and I think we got the most solid click in the business, with Young Money, Cash Money and the energy that Wayne bring, everybody knows he’s the super star, the mega star of the universe. It’s nothing without junior.”

Lil Wayne was originally scheduled to begin his one-year jail sentence last week, but due to dental surgery for a cracked tooth, the sentencing was postponed. He will now report to jail to begin his sentence March 2nd.

Written by Meka Udoh


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