Nas Owes $3 Million In Back Taxes To IRS

Nas Owes $3 Million In Back Taxes To IRS

Published March 1, 2010

Nas’ financial issues are far from over. In addition to fighting an ugly court battle with ex-wife, Kelis, TMZ reports the Queensbridge poet is said to owe the IRS more than $3 million.

It’s being reported that Nas owes the exact amount of $3,365,671.26, a considerable increase from the lien the IRS placed on him last week which totaled $2,584,206.31. Nas has yet to comment on his missed payments to the IRS.

In addition, last week Nas’ custody battle with Kelis took an ugly turn when he was placed in contempt for not handling child support payments, which total $200,000. He's scheduled to return to court later this month for a contempt hearing.

Written by Nile Ivey, Staff


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