T-Pain and Jay-Z Make Peace

T-Pain and Jay-Z Make Peace

Published March 11, 2010

The short-lived feud between Jay-Z and T-Pain has finally been put to rest.

The beef began last year when Jay-Z released the song “D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)” off "The Blueprint 3" album. T-Pain later insulted Jay during a show in Las Vegas. However, T-Pain, speaking to MTV News, revealed that there is no more animosity between the two of them.

“We talked at the Grammys,” T-Pain said. “It was a pretty big thing. Word for word, he said, ‘That's [messed] up the way you took that song.’ I’m [crazy], so we gonna take the song like that. That’s how we take songs.

 “He [Jay-Z] was like, ‘I didn't mean nothing by that,’” T-Pain continued. “I was like, ‘I already put out my apology song [“More Careful”]. So there you go. My bad. I apologize. Apologize for taking the song like that.’ We shook hands, did the little chest bump. That was the end of that.”

 T-Pain is currently hard at work on his next album, "Revolver."

Written by Meka Udoh


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