The Game Doesn't Want to be a Gangster

The Game Doesn't Want to be a Gangster

Published March 16, 2010

According to, Game is trying to sharpen his image for the sake of a current court case.

Due to a lawsuit filed against the L.A. rapper for allegedly assaulting a guy and then pulling a gun on him during a basketball game in 2008, Chuck Taylor’s asking not to be referred to as a gangster rapper.

Court documents show that Game is requesting the judge to not refer to him as a gangster or a gangsta rapper because it may lead the jury to become prejudice against him.

Game also asked that the judge refrain from focusing on any of his lyrics that contain any type of violence or profanity.

The rapper is currently in the studio wrapping up his forthcoming solo project, "The Red Album," which is scheduled for a 2010 summer release via Aftermath/Interscope Records.

Written by Nile Ivey, staff


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