Beyonce and Lady Ganga Wanna Change Pop Videos

Beyonce and Lady Ganga Wanna Change Pop Videos

Published March 17, 2010

Beyoncé and Lady Gaga are ready to erase pop music. The two stars, who first teamed up on Beyoncé’s “Video Phone” remix video, have now rejoined forces with Gaga’s “Telephone” visual, which has been receiving mixed reviews to say the least.

In a recent interview with L.A. radio station Power 106, Lady Gaga tried her best to explain the video's plot. 

“The video in a lot of ways is more about her even than it is about me,” Gaga explained. “It was sort of a pop-art venture for me to bring her into my world in a way, the video is an attempt for her and I to erase pop music as we know it up until this very point.”

“It’s meant to change the perspective of the world on what a pop music video should be and she’s kind of the vehicle for that,” the pop star continued. “In reality, more people around the world are familiar with her aesthetics than they are with mine. It was something for me to kind of change the way that you see her for one video.”

Meanwhile, the video's director, Jonas Akerlund, gave MTV a scene-by-scene breakdown of the video.

“The idea was always to not know until we see her, but we did add her name into the speaker at the beginning,” he explained about Beyoncé's first scene. “But the reveal of Beyoncé is kind of cool when she lifts her hat. Beyoncé’s time was so limited, so [we] really had prepared [and] rehearsed so much for her, but she had so much experience that we figured it out.”

Written by by Nile Ivey, staff


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